Episode April 24, 2015

Co-hosts Kristina Stykos and Emily Howe discuss marking up the Gazetteer, rainbow ice, a secret wish for a phone booth, terrifying rhinoceros snakes  & penguin feedings at the Central Park Zoo, how bee die-out is traumatizing children, spews, slunks, slamps, swangs and a quacky, champions of A.D.D., how to mow your perennial garden into submission, “Untraveled Road Temptation Syndrome” (U.R.T.S.), Emily’s memories of riding in the back of Butch’s pickup truck, things lost in the fall reappearing in the spring, choosing a favorite all-terrain-vehicle, a few book reports - and so much more!


Featuring music from Vermont musicians and friends: Lizzy Mandell [If You Love Somebody]; Kristina Stykos [Let’s Cherish the Day]; Kristina Stykos & Bela Fleck [Apogee].

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