Episode Oct 14, 2016

Co-hosts Kristina Stykos and Emily Howe discuss Emily’s deformed head, the vernacular of deals, an errant application of chapstick, having stuff named after you, a deeper analysis of campaign signage, voting rights of the mentally unfit, a new train whistle, an unresolved misunderstanding concerning the airbag light in cars, advice for hunters encountering single women, death by arrow vs. death by bullet, moldy strawberries, a comparison of winter hats, the dispiriting side effects of awards, adding sparkles & feathers to your clothes, the oft overlooked joy of grommets, an observation about the rosary & gender roles, the ins and outs of unfriending people on Facebook, another bad love triangle plus one, stereotypes about Holland, confusion over trains that go underground, how to miss the best views during foliage, an upset customer’s complaint about flies, basically hating dolls, some really hard spelling words, unwanted calls from GOP VT, a homemade elephant surprise, the questionable relationship between elderly housing & peanut butter, debunking fisher cats, an annual visit to Dan & Whits’ yield of wide mouth jar rubbers with tabs, two kinds of people in the world as it relates to costuming - and so much more!

Featuring music from Vermont musicians & friends: Ben Fuller [Fighter]; Erin McDermott [From Me]; Kristina Stykos [Last Cup of Love]

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