Episode Nov 11, 2016

Co-hosts Kristina Stykos and Emily Howe discuss the f*word frustration, a gift of fingerless gloves, the current shape of cough drops, the picnic basket with the broken handle’s return to the thrift store, a local radio station’s uplifting mission statement, remembrances of a more innocent time (last week), summoning the “helper gene” on dark days, taking a time-out to process the election, standing up and voting for who you believe in, the simple calculus of job security, drawing a line in the sand with the love/hate divider, a wave of online attacks & coined phrases such as “lib-tard”, a not-so-hidden culture of rudeness, the reality & outcomes of our filter multiverse, Emily as “Best Buy” virgin, dethroning the television, a new system of diagonal measurement, tips for beating the “post-election slump”, a purchase of flowered muck boots, forcing your kids to sell Yankee Candles for school fundraisers, an admonition to examine your news sources, being naked vs. wearing clothes including a nod to Melania Trump, a one-month smoking experiment, being conflicted about whether or not to always be nice, a new professional donut maker at City Hall, embracing bugs who have lost their homeland, calling out injustice and standing up for yourself, a metaphor concerning truisms, eating your children’s Halloween candy, the dire consequences of clicking on random things, being told stuff by your doctor and not questioning it, safety pins for Trump, challenging the efficacy of the Booby-Thon, a “raising awareness” failure, subway therapy via post-it notes in NYC, the building of friendly neighborhoods - and so much more!

Featuring music from Vermont musicians & friends: Brian Clark [West]; Bob Kinzel and Jean Olson [Rattlin’ Bones]; Patrick Ross and Aaron Johnson [Flintlock]

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