Episode Jun 3, 2016

Host Kristina Stykos and guest co-host Kendra Colburn discuss waning motherly instincts, a tick removal, art with hope in it, crapping on the other people’s musical tastes, how a good song can begin by starting on a bad note, death by Q-tip, the efficacy of hand picking leafy greens at 6 a.m., adapting to air conditioning & other trance states, a breakdown of the term “talking head”, how a delicious casserole might thwart true love, letting go of dicks or a man named Richard, a new twist on romantic adventure, how to make good on being stood up, a subjective look at intentionally making your way to the end of a lonely dirt road where drug dealers might be, stopping at every roadside attraction vs. driving thru, sharing memes & lack of self esteem, flinging yourself in whole heartedly [what else are you going do], a chance encounter with the local fire department’s hoses, guys who watch women while they work, trusting yourself to run a client’s tractor - and so much more!

Featuring music from Vermont musicians and friends: Nick Cowles [Sensitive New-age Redneck]; Lizzy Mandell [This Old House]; Brian Clark [The Lake].

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