Episode July 15, 2016

Host Kristina Stykos and guest co-host Kendra Colburn discuss their possible super competence in the midst of a studio malfunction, trying to ring the bell with a hammer as a metaphor for working hard at life but not even remotely getting it, what to think about when trying to figure out the best day to go to the Tunbridge Fair, lifting crates of carrots for exercise, showing up for work when it’s really too hot to work, a backstage buddy system at the farmer’s market, the problem with stoic dogs, a shout out to Georgia Pearl, whether or not soda quenches thirst, an example of discernment in dating, what to do when yellow flags turn into red ones, a case of “sleep psychosis” leading to “late morning fury”, turning off the internet for health & relaxation, Kendra’s insistence that “now is the new later”, unpacking a mentalist’s performance, a review of & comparisons between different kinds of puppets, Claymation, animated bread rolls and creepy clowns, how & when to bring up political issues in a small town ethos, fending off recycled gossip about yourself, being pleasantly surprised by people you don’t like, aging musicians who don’t get famous and what to do with them, a presidential eulogy’s questionable claims regarding building character and hope through suffering - and so much more!

Featuring music from Vermont musicians & friends: Wagtail [Wagtail/Daphne’s Ramble/Meadowdance]; Davey Davis [Papa’s Angel]; Kristina Stykos [I Can’t Go Home].

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