Episode Sept 2, 2016

Host Kristina Stykos and guest co-host John Obrien discuss where coaching intersects with bad parenting, a new garden for Dr. Duffy, discovering piccalilli, another Fred Tuttle milestone, the need for frivolity & brain clearing, old radiator chic, an audio diary of torture, mining bird calls for emotional content, living with expectant sheep, demystifying the tramp stamp and the plumbers crack, an unfortunate experiment employing a ball point pen and the goddess of the harvest, racy nudes at the Morrill Homestead, different kinds of wall surfaces, a meditation on Japanese bachelors, confusing vitamins with organs, a peripatetic gift card from Bed, Bath and Beyond, the joys of plastic crap, refund scams, the travesty of lukewarm beverages, chasing animals & other bad averages, debunking “And I Approve of This Message”, Kristina’s list of all the Vermont towns she’s lived and spent the night in, the mystery of the Brunswick Springs, stopping at historical markers & how they correspond to slow car trips, Eleanor Roosevelt, Edward Hopper and a case of outhouse avoidance, single parent vacation disasters, an unexpected rescue by Charles Dickens, being priced out of Vermont’s country inns, enjoying the plethora of local laundromats, nostalgia for the “Star Wash”, trying to understand “Toys-R-Us”, a miniature plastic English garden, seeing porcupines vs. seeing rats - and so much more!

Featuring music from Vermont musicians & friends: Spencer Lewis [Believing]; Kristina Stykos [Let’s Cherish the Day]

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