Episode Oct 27, 2017

In this episode co-hosts Kristina Stykos and Emily Howe discuss a false fake-out, a dearth of tiki torches, feeling dark & creepy, taking a measured approach to sour milk, the not-okay-ness of chewing tobacco, reminiscing about freezer lockers at the old Chelsea General Store, the “white turkey” phenomenon, planning a trip to the gun store, a fond nickname for Dick Upham, the dead battery situation in Barnard, our soulful connection to Scandinavia, being lured into the velvet gypsy fortune-teller’s tent, a disappointing lucky day, losing a house to foreclosure, a fishy conflagration, not being able to afford justice, getting chummy with the child support judge, the root of Kristina’s sports-aversion, the mystery of the Iroquois, making time to meet Willie Nelson, a witchdoctor journey, new uses for the common egg beater involving a power drill, a quick assessment of “kink”, the backstory on moths, a humane modification for bug zappers, people-pleasers & the laws of fatal attraction, the dangers of spruce gum, imagining a vegetarian chicken-pot-pie, saying no to washing pots, the soothing zen of running water, weird sponges, confronting Sriracha sauce, Emily’s complicated texture issue, getting good results out of a messy, organic process, supermarket phobia, the ins and outs of family-participation in an Amazon shopping cart, ordering shepherd’s crooks online, John’s Halloween-themed naked lady purchase, revisiting the Haunted Forest safe-word, pumpkin & squash confusion, the terror and duplicity of masks, extending the use of your shipping tape, a strange bonding - and so much more!

Featuring music from Vermont musicians & friends: Pete Sutherland [In the Country of the Iroquois]; Lizzy Mandell [What’s to Believe In]; Carl Goulet [Borrowed Time].

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