Episode Feb 3, 2017

Co-hosts Kristina Stykos and Emily Howe discuss tracking down hum, fabric covered cables, the impugned magic of coconut oil, a list of alternative cuss words, reasons for changing the spelling of your name, a modern appropriation of the phrase “shut up”, what grits are, number superstitions, a growling stomach, understanding peanut butter “chocolate” chips, the Super Bowl as an excuse for eating dip, discovering towns made just for small size people, a love affair with hairless guinea pigs, more useless opinions about Groundhog Day, criminal behavior & the transport of wood chucks, how to avoid being jailed, what to do with ugly pottery, embracing porcelain toilets under duress, an 83 year old who does pushups, changing the face of exercise, devising a new mode of existence from the bottom up, the ecstasies of watching the train roll through town, a detailed conspiracy theory for why there are no hovercraft (yet), Bernie Sanders’ chi, energy-filled people, an novel approach to identifying lambs, the complexities of naming cows, “Girl Welcomed to Womanhood with Four-Page Pamphlet”, an admission of family gender bias, how not to get your period, delving into the psyche, a comparison of writing to talking, being charmed by a befuddled lump of silliness, chasing down duplicate words, the pros and cons of using the word “like”, what having herpes has to do with swinging on a tire swing - and so much more!

Featuring music from Vermont musicians & friends: Patrick Ross & the Matt Flinner Trio [St. Anne’s Reel]; Jay Stevens [Woods]; Corinna [Laughing Crow Band]

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