Episode June 30, 2017

Co-hosts Kristina Stykos and Emily Howe and special guests Ira and Eli discuss frying pans & fire, the perfection of Tolkien, bees in the rain, a bear sighting or two, more questions about the planet Pluto, what to expect from the God of the Underworld, squaring off with Mars, a truck full of fireworks, dirty children, the ins and outs of putting Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream in your morning coffee, false identification as it relates to salmonella, whether or not to let your kids eat raw cookie dough, maybe not putting live chickens in the fridge, why we’re hungry all the time, tons of other stuff, remembering Billy in the Lowground, following the porta-potty truck into town, mailbox safety, accepting weird people, Ira’s five amazing piggy banks, what makes us poor, lamenting the vet bill, the mysterious “pig pasture in the sky”, posing with sheep including Jim, a “must-see” farm movie, the lava lamp as in-vitro metaphor, deconstructing Emily’s new word “tintillation”, what you get if you cross Bono with Yoko Ono, another irresistible train-high, the power of music to fuel fantasy, putting the boogey into hedgehogs, how feeling better can affect your looks, an unfortunate automobile incident behind the Department of Children and Families, why John did not take the kids to hang the art show, recapping the diaper drive, an update on Vermont’s transfer of radioactive water to Idaho, a possible solution for giant salami spills, how drunk wedding revelers set Emily’s trees on fire, being stuck to Crazy Glue, some chemical combinations to avoid, complications at the Chelsea bridge project, why the cat has been staring at the bushes, how to get some money, the big appetite of Grandpa Avery, a bad end to the whipped cream extravaganza - and so much more!

Featuring music from Vermont musicians & friends: Patrick Ross with Hot Flannel [Gentle on my Mind]; Michele Choiniere [Te Souviendras-tu de Moi?]; Lizzy Mandell [Isaac’s Song].

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