Episode Sept 15, 2017

Host Kristina Stykos and guest co-host Jonathan Daitch discuss the fact that life is full of exaggerations, Emily’s absence, last year’s Fair flop, how a 29 year old took the helm of a junior high school named Markles Flats, confidence vs. arrogance, building something in the spirit of the 60s, getting revenge on a wasted youth, the power-sharing dynamics of all-school meetings, boredom as fuel, coming to consensus in Madagascar, the art of acknowledging someone else’s principles, getting to know kids from the wrong side of the tracks, the joys of making mistakes, the agonies of making mistakes, a shout-out from Richie Stearns to “the guy who taught me how to learn”, wisdom’s edge & the persistent reign of lies, having too much fun, education on a toxic waste dump, no-penalty truancy, when you might need math, a classic American sound, conquering time & space, the arc of personality over a lifetime, leaving Ithaca, living outside the square, low-judgment environments, trying to keep track of everybody, looking for Danny & Steve, a failed woodworking project, a book about contemporary Palestinian theater, culture as resistance, a horrible occupation, teaching photography in a refugee camp, not scaling your project to your budget, ambivalence about food selfies, the ingredients of an old friendship, a memorable men’s group, a chatterbox father-son reunion, abandoning your kids & re-friending them, another fun thing that we did - and so much more!

Featuring music from Vermont musicians & friends: Doug Anderson [Old Dirt Road]; Val McCallum [Digging For Gold]; Brown Trout and the Lunkers [Honor Thy Fly].

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