Episode Jan 12, 2017

In this episode co-hosts Kristina Stykos and Emily Howe discuss technical backflips, being heard, fog on the road, a happy tale about a fly, eschewing monk’s robes, a Hells Angels campground, to swat or not to swat, sporting a ball cap, enormous heads, looking good from the shoulders up, a channel surfing fail in the car, the backstory on Caesareans, a new gardening tool, the baby sleeping in a walnut shell, Emily’s inner bimbo, going behind the scenes with “secret grandmother”, how to put an Italian doctor in his place, coming to terms with the way bats hang, the problem with shooting yoga poses, why skating partners fight, the human-airplane-game cure for depression, planning a junk food sleepover, booking a bluegrass band, communicating with a gender-free Eros, scheduling a last minute facial, an annoying masseuse, more uses for hot rocks, a historical look at muesli, different kind of nuts, long lasting damage from monkey bars, trying to pinpoint the dawn of health food, pasta deprived states, never ending car repairs, a story from the waiting room, looking for fun in Barre, staring into space as a dying art, a blow by blow look at I.U.D. removal, bringing humanity into doctors’ offices, a barcalounger for every woman, the evils of hand sanitizer, questionable words from the Urban Dictionary, a new twist on tree huggers, amethyst as a guard against drunkenness - and so much more!

Featuring music from Vermont musicians & friends: Gold Town [Workingman’s Dawn]; Bellatrix with Patti Casey, Susannah Blachly & Kristina Stykos [Breath of the Devil]; Peter Hedlund [Petter i Alas polska].

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