Episode Sept 28, 2018

In this episode co-hosts Kristina Stykos and Emily Howe discuss the professional look, casual Friday & how it might or might not apply to sloppy dressers, cleverly avoiding disappointment by force of will, uncovering reptile-like creatures at the highest levels of government, losing electricity in an old farm house, a flower girl photo op, more repercussions from the vegan pizza, sudden onset nut allergies, the hows and whys of Benadryl, a late run to town for ginger ale, the night cashier’s generous gift of Kleenex to a total stranger, the ins and outs of powering blow driers with solar, intrinsic chaos brought on by bridesmaids, weird structural underwear, a strange product for plumping lips, why we pout, perverse products that defy common sense norms, reimagining war paint, what to do with 100 bales of mulch hay, a Pinterest craze for outdoor wedding couches, the lameness of pallet furniture, acquiring knowledge that has no use, a controversial moth ball purchase, the rise of Dupont chemicals, a plague of peppermint oil soaked cotton balls, a plethora of propane technicians, a flood at the historical museum, steeple removal, relief at being surrounded by nice people, reviewing a screw purchase, the world’s worst shoe sale, a “how-to” for successfully transitioning your road kill to the other side, the Bethel state troopers’ alleged secret bone yard, a quick comparison of bark mulches, constructive regurgitation, more on John’s eating habits, the unmitigated transmission of nano particles into human biology, bees-waxing your head, honest questions about the agony of jeans shopping - and so much more!

Featuring music from Vermont musicians & friends: Hunter Paye [The Sweat Lodge and the Thief]; Hooligans [Katy Cruel]; Pete Sutherland [The Moon Behind the Hill/The Baltimore].

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