Episode Jan 25, 2019

In this episode co-hosts Kristina Stykos and Emily Howe discuss a panoply of legless creatures, worst attributes of a snake, a horrible trip from the front door to the car, how low water pressure led to an unfortunate encounter with a vacuum cleaner attachment, one strategy for almost blowing up your car, horse manure’s contribution to barnyard traction, an impromptu party, perplexing rules of the alphabet, a cool brother-in-law named Jim, mounting the impossible driveway, John’s spacey driving, a panicked call to the Sargeant at Arms, feeling abandoned during a laundry room emergency, almost burning down the house, how a good husband can go wrong by being happy, the sideways snow, a train’s sense of urgency, flooding on the First Branch, Kristina’s natal moon placement in relation to the recent lunar eclipse, automatic camera settings that turn bad photographers into geniuses, problems with the free will universe, escapism vs. awakism, more on over-use of the word “like”, what they give away for free upstairs at the Plainfield VT food coop, a confusing moment with two boys & a box of condoms, historical novels about prostitution, the startling lack of body parts in Laura Ingalls Wilder books, revelations about outhouse technology, a near electrocution, the joys of peeing outside, a volunteer opportunity to house-sit in Belize with a pig, a strange cartoon themed around sausages, unpacking the Oscar Meyer Weiner-Mobile, how faking friendliness can sometimes become sincere, the many things we could have learned, school projects that cost too much, a sap bucket guitar - and so much more!

Featuring music from Vermont musicians & friends: Michael Jermyn [All Hail the Underachievers]; Mark Struhsacker [Your Actions Spoke Louder Than Words]; Chris Kleeman & Malkum Gibson [Gospel Train].

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