Episode May 24, 2019

In this episode co-hosts Kristina Stykos and Emily Howe discuss a short history of multi-tasking, when being competent isn’t enough, a pro bono gardening job, how the vet’s dog Jake showed off, analysis of a horse’s bite and a visitor who should have known better, the confusing nature of meridians, whether or not to ask people to “like” your Facebook page, a pet breed spelling challenge, a strange strategy for buying pants, tips on how to not look at yourself in the mirror but still see your clothes, how stores can actually elongate your body’s image, ending bathroom scale rituals, another very difficult vacuum repair (to be continued), a Chihuahua doorbell, being thankful for your appliances after a traumatic encounter with humans, when a squeeze toy becomes evil, the difference between being tired and being weary, the trials of getting a new business up and running, the shame of being in debt, bureaucratic oppression, putting cash in toilet paper tubes and mayonnaise jars, eating as an evasive maneuver, whether or not to trust your old sweater, the best to-go tea stand in the Upper Valley, the spooky bridges of Duluth, what comes after Minnesota, rediscovering prairie dogs in a giant sized ant farm, the terrors of not recognizing anyone at your high school reunion, making a record with your junior high school buddy, possible bear attacks at the wedding barn, an early-bird dessert bar under threat by skunks, confronting real pigs in your yard, a ticket give-a-way to Roots on the River - and so much more!

Featuring music from Vermont musicians & friends: Jennings & McComber [Chesham Station; Effie’s; Book on Fire]

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