Episode Dec 30, 2016

Host Kristina Stykos and guest co-host Davey Davis discuss the value of snow, what to do with used gum, how to properly dispose of a half-dead mouse, early morning coffee hallucinations, an overview of Karen’s recipe for canned bread, a clever use for birch bark brought to you by Telemark skiers, hitting trees on Mount Ascutney, a cautionary tale about falling into streams, the utility of bonfires in the forest, a new use for malls including rioting, the confusing profusion, nay epidemic of generic “dollar stores”, a hot beverage putdown, the good medicine of song making, how a music career can start with an $8 guitar, a suggested overhaul of the word, concept & functionality of divorce, comparing the fairness of people to the fairness of life in general, Uncle David’s twelve wives and a song almost written about it, how dad changed political parties after a few drinks, culturally conditioned suspiciousness and bully posture, hearing the Barre quarry bells from down country, the long journey of Eddie’s Christmas letter, a now infamous definition of a musician via Kendra, Vermont’s best small ski slopes, looking back at a basement recording session with cousin Lane, a brief review of “Jump and Thrash” fishing, an ode to transplants, diverting bullets away from deer with mental powers, tree hugging hunters, original footage of the Chernobyl disaster, the spreading clouds of toxic fear, more band names, Kristina’s New Year’s resolution involving banjos, being friendly again - and so much more!

Featuring music from Vermont musicians & friends: Kristina Stykos [Remembering]; The Cousins Project [Stealing Away]; Brian Clark [The Lake]

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