Episode Jan 6, 2017

Host Kristina Stykos and guest co-host Kendra Colburn discuss guilt-driven civic duty, weatherization & the an exciting “old stove” change-out program, the problem with new fangled mufflers, a comparison to sheep and lemmings, a professed propensity for nude laundry hanging, covering up your soul with clothing, searching for a world filled with reflections of ancient sunlight, a warning sign for slacker DJs, foo-fer-all, facing up to a deeply blank brain, chronic anxiety as a way of life, the charm of foibles, developing attachments to alternative news media personalities, the joys of pushing away materialism, how a rare edition of Alice in Wonderland came to cross “the pond”, a brush with the classic tomes of Oz, the fantastic heyday of children’s books circa 1950 and one local author celebrity, avoiding women’s beautiful voices, the pros and cons of professional jealousy, an unusual meeting of tacos and zero gravity, the romance of freight trains, not letting anything get in the way of your mission, weird emotional stuff and circling around work, a ukulele kidnapping, gestating a musical cake that goes flump, the balance between trust and discipline, paid vs. unpaid projects and corresponding trepidation levels, rejecting the lightness of down comforters, mispronouncing words, more on polyester blankets, counterproductive health measures, whether or not to take pills, holding onto vices, appreciating out-of-tune banjos, systematic dishonesty & ignoring red flags - and so much more!

Featuring music from Vermont musicians & friends: Kristina Stykos [I’m a Stranger Here]; Bow Thayer [Epitome]; Patrick Ross & Aaron Johnson [Flintlock]

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