Episode Nov 24, 2017

In this episode co-hosts Kristina Stykos and Emily Howe discuss buying candy by the bag, food as an answer to our problems, a flak jacket metaphor, kids throwing up in the car, the terrors of 5th grade dances, reflections on the law school parking lot during Thanksgiving break, conjecture about the cat, the great domestic book cleanse of 2017, going deep with a plethora of information on horsemanship, one man’s propensity for tearing the pages out of books, a possible future for John’s handmade postcards, telephone logs as works of art, pen hoarding, parsing the difference between DWI and DUI, the best kind of intoxication, an imagined invitation to Willy Nelson, thinking up other cool stuff, butt savers, praise for the generator low oil shut-off mechanism, too many gas cans, too few gas stations, toughing out the holidays, a bad joke about Netflix, scraping the barrel for good Christmas movies, doing craft work in bed, a cheesy Windsor, Vt. ghost story, connecting the spelling word dots, Emily’s off-the-cuff analysis of Kristina’s childhood, the return of the pint-sized fraternity mascot, mis-translations of the French word “esclave”, an update on the Schwan’s truck, debunking recent pronunciation changes for astrologers, choosing dreams over delusions, coming to an impasse, dragging Kendra into it, more on zits, remembering & appreciating well-behaved men, the complicity of bystanders, the deconstruction of a fallacy surrounding the phenomenon of male arousal, feigning sleep as an evasive maneuver - and so much more!

Featuring music from Vermont musicians & friends: Robert Bryant [Farther on Down the Line]; Michele Choiniere [Esclave a L'amour]; Davey Huckett [Emanuel Cathedral Montreal].

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