Episode Dec 1, 2017

In this episode co-hosts Kristina Stykos and Emily Howe discuss who’s listening, an impromptu tree cutting competition, a holiday “hanging baby” theme, the Barbie sleigh, the rites of cutting doll hair, strange bacteria-ridden reservoirs, the imagined genius of Mattel scientists, scary plastic chompers, a new practical application for White-Out, hateful teenagers, the ins and outs of internal bleeding, expired IUDs, the menopause conspiracy, the relationship between wild horses and your emotions, whether or not periods are disgusting, secrets of hat size revealed, learning how to be normal, rediscovering the many uses of laminating plastic, how to get on your happiness arousal, putting jockeys on draft horses, placing projects on a pedestal, a complaint about John’s unconditional love, losing the incentive to “look good”, when to let go of being “cute”, panic in front of the mirror, ageless aging, buying ten men’s shirts, analyzing the thrift store smell, the bad juju of Goodwill, understanding “pong”, looking for pockets of cellular perfection, uncovering your inner “bingo-wings”, a deep dive into Amazing Grace, strategies for swallowing horse pills, possibly finding appreciation for the hurdy-gurdy, whether or not Eli should be taught to warm up the car, the bygone days of learning “stick”, whistling noses & snorting, another mystery cat throw-up event, a joke about germs, how to fake laugh, perfecting the female “I’m harmless” laugh, the fine art of taking responsibility for the insensitivity of others - and so much more!

Featuring music from Vermont musicians & friends: Ariel Zevon [Digitize My Heart]; Robert Resnik [Copshawholme Fair]; Libby Kirkpatrick [Now].

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