Episode Feb 17, 2017

Co-hosts Kristina Stykos and Emily Howe discuss their own unique version of fumbling-DJ-syndrome, more on why Emily is still eating Kellogg’s Corn Pops, tips for digesting “Franken-food”, an alarming discovery of hot cocoa mix in bulk at the coop, coping with the horrors of seemingly endless grocery store aisles, a common phobia of meeting people you know unexpectedly, an ongoing rant about man-buns, how to pinpoint the hippie generation with exactitude, bread in paper bags, a mass mooning in Chicago, who sleeps at a Trump Tower franchise, an untimely IUD expiration, some flagrant snow worship, the joys & dangers of jumping off the roof, overly pregnant sheep, anticipating a big, huge 2 minute film release, longing for Jim and lambs in general, an unfortunate castration, hating downhill ski culture in its many forms, how the kind old ridge-runner spent three hours on the bunny slope with Kristina, making two left footed boots work, adverse conditions at the Mount Washington Hotel, Amtrack as a metaphor for the love train, unwrapping candy while driving, a bad lamp arm, going to the hospital for Valentine’s day, factoring cheating & lying into your plans, the satisfaction that comes from cutting construction paper hearts, a trip to the Necco Wafer website, resolving difficult issues with friends, whether or not we can control our reactions to things, living with turmoil, picking up new words like “drams”, learning hipster moves from our Vermont kids who move to Brooklyn - and so much more!

Featuring music from Vermont musicians & friends: Doug Perkins [St. Anne’s Reel; Fisherman’s Hornpipe; Leather Britches]; Bow Thayer [Chateauguay]; Kristina Stykos [Broken Wings]

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