Episode Mar 3, 2017

Co-hosts Kristina Stykos and Emily Howe discuss fader positions, ice in the fields, a DUI incident, more about milking, what it means to be a pill, things that happen when the moon is far away, an alphabet reversal, recent reports from an eclipse live-cam in Chile, a weird love for Johnny Cash, saving up for a trip to see Willie, a case of itchy legs, the nuances of sleeping with lambs, a new use for baby booger suckers, giving credit where credit is due, obstacles that keep us from going to dance class, three “Emily Howes” & the passing of one, getting specific with self-love, ridding yourself of devices to weigh yourself, knowing when to hit “Send”, the challenges of lining up a farm sitter, fantasizing about Grand Central Station, dealing with Midwestern flatness, hiding from tornados, saying goodbye to an important inanimate object, dealing with the toxic elements of a new wood stove, instant dinners, adding oily substances to your face, bad advice about drinking, a controversial wine bar renaming effort, confusion about the pre-fix “trans”, the relationship between human nature and punishment, reviewing “an eye for an eye”, Unitarians learning about Jesus, the misappropriation of Fabio’s look to a certain religious figure, comparisons between Lego, Playmobile and Fisher-Price people, vegan sausage, thinking about eating while eating, the fakery of PMS, a rash of bad jokes, announcing the new 11th Hour farm video on Youtube, generalizing about all Bobs, free money from the State of Vermont - and so much more!

Featuring music from Vermont musicians & friends: Paul Asbell [Police Dog Blues]; Smokin’ Grass [Sweet Marie]; Michael Oakland [The Grand Design]

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