Episode Mar 24, 2017

Co-hosts Kristina Stykos and Emily Howe discuss earring loss, behind-the-snow-plow syndrome, the returns of tidy white & dreamy green, concerns about books whose titles end with the phrase “for dummies”, the worst Vermont ski lift exit ramp ever, gravity’s inherent badness, an honest plea for the global reduction of humiliating circumstances, comforting ideas for dealing with abject terror, a strange reference to french fries and pizza, myths about telemarking, a vicious attack on dried fruit, the return of disturbing textures, a question about hiding your mouth with your hand and more chewing analysis, new bibs at the nursing home, how to quickly get on the wrong side of a teenage boy, a vintage hair tutorial, an unrestrained shout-out to Mongolia as the train goes by, 70 unread emails and those yet to never be read, unearthing embarrassing archival messages between Emily & Kristina, a fond recollection of apple grading at the conveyor belt, what mothers always do when in the passenger seat of a car their child is driving, how the original concept for 11th Hour Radio came to be, paying more for groceries as a lifestyle choice, what to do when social dance class moves to a less convenient location, doing it in the barn, how an off-hand remark led to the inadvertent naming of Butch’s boat, an update on the current crop of messy lamb infirmities on the farm, difficult issues & near paralysis while shopping at TJ Maxx, good reasons for misunderstanding the word “Namaste”, fake spiritual news, the fact that nothing fits, a surprise call-in from Keith, options for dog-sledding to Greece, the hazards of bringing up old fights during a fight - and so much more!

Featuring music from Vermont musicians & friends: Nick Cowles [Sensitive New-age Redneck]; Susannah Blachly & George White [Raven King]; Robert Resnik [Sand and Foam]

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