Episode Mar 31, 2017

Co-hosts Kristina Stykos and Emily Howe discuss a pathetic view of robins, resisting the tide of opinion concerning squirrels, consternation about the radio signal, the disarray caused by phone delay, the flawed humanity of newscasters, a case of parking in front of the lamp post, the strange confines of obedience, riding the wave of TGIF into the weekend, a giant dance block, chasing an elusive toothbrush, more on planetary influences, another boring dream, earwigs in the pillow syndrome, an objection to segmented insects, the dangers of lawn furniture, being surprised by manatee appreciation day, an analysis of the choked vocalizations of pigs, what might make a person unsuitable for farming, an encounter with frostbitten skin, the mysteries of spatchcocking revealed, how death equals life, how to pronounce yin & yang, a quiz & tongue-twister related to the venerable Paramahansa Yogananda, a proposal for “Back to the Womb” week, potential harmful effects of sleeping on your right side, pressurizing your head with elastic, new uses for old calendars, a rant about bra straps, loose talk about underwear on the House floor, an innovation to curb road rage, what happens when you try to put God on your license plate, rules about what you can & can’t name your children, the stupidity of number superstitions, a free tattoo removal service, how to break and replace your own doorknobs, time travel beds, iPad troubles continued, getting used to bad tastes as rite of passage, the metaphysics of making life as good as it can be, how too much coffee can turn your legs to rubber, substituting sugar for alcohol, making carbonated maple sap, an argument about who owns your mailbox, breaking the law using your mailbox, the old school postage-due courtesy, an inspirational quote dealing with boats & the spirit of generosity - and so much more!

Featuring music from Vermont musicians & friends: Doug Anderson [River of Whiskey]; Davey Davis [It All Goes Better With a Beer]; Kristina Stykos [Three Jigs]

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