Episode Apr 7, 2017

Co-hosts Kristina Stykos and Emily Howe discuss the pros and cons of Mr. Potato Head, the exact percentage of cows lying down it takes to predict rain, how taking acid during a high school trip to Atlantic City could lead to a larger-than-life game of monopoly, an early beginning to John’s preference for dining with the elderly, possible age limits for hipsters, drawing distinctions between hat types & the new fedora, an unbeatable spelling challenge, ongoing expressions of gratitude for the alphabet song, a complaint about having to write bibliographies, the challenges of explaining erasable typewriter paper to the modern child, following track and trail to find the Ghost Trains of Maine, an update on the lamb in the kitchen that smells like a goat, more in-depth details on diapering sheep, the youthful Vermont look: fact or fiction, the hows and whys of gas-soaked kitty litter, trying to make a birthday cake for Jane, looking for maple walnut ice cream, more on what to do with expired candy canes, the old house, the old man and a case of missing condoms, a scary increase in the number of banjo players, myths about Southern Vermont as perpetrated by Northern Vermonters, whether or not Bart Simpson worked at a nuclear power plant, the relationship between Celtic music and massages, doubts about the island status of Cape Breton, who took the “d” out of refrigerator, making a joke out of Richard, the rudeness of GIFS, the fallacy of counting views on social media, three quarters of a swear word - and so much more!

Featuring music from Vermont musicians & friends: Highwoods Stringband [There’s More Pretty Girls Than One]; Bow Thayer & the Perfect Trainwreck [Noreaster Snow]; Brian Clark [Wishes]

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