Episode May 12, 2017

Host Kristina Stykos and guest co-host Joni Cole discuss how what you had for breakfast relates to what you wished you’d had, revisiting Dr. Duffy’s roses and the unexpected arrival of a very smelly cheese, the identity of the Route 14 jogger revealed, different ways of sitting in a chair, writing as exercise, saving lives through art, engendering happiness via the creative process, starting somewhere, anywhere, the freedom of being able to save your previous drafts, sinking your teeth into revisions, using a pen, embracing the haphazard, honoring blobs of thought, unlearning the expectation of perfection, being saved by muscle memory, the mysteries of texting a landline, a vaguely remembered leftover exit to nowhere, the terror of forgetting passcodes, too many Waynes, what to do when obscure Facebook friends go through life-changing events, infusing positivity into online comments, responding to the commons, dealing with the hovering negative miasma, imagining a gathering of the naysayers, getting off the couch on a Friday night, feeling responsible for a technophobic parent, combining play and work into plorking, the irresistible smell of books, the dangers of eating while reading, how to start off your to-do list from a position of strength, finally getting the air-bag recall repair done two years later, the ascendency of the check engine light, the beauty of a newly sharpened shovel, putting the ass in occasionally, thinking sideways as a way of navigating the world, how adequate practice affords more wiggle room in performance - and so much more!

Featuring music from Vermont musicians & friends: Patrick Ross [Soldier’s Joy]; Kristina Stykos [Valleys All of Blue]; Judevine [Lizzy Mandell]

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