Episode May 19, 2017

Co-hosts Kristina Stykos and Emily Howe discuss trying to make it up to Joni, a missing conniption fit, tips on how to screw up an introduction, confessions of a former bookworm, distinguishing between sneaker monograms, the sly truth of turtlenecks hung on hangers, taking Mom to a new cafeteria & other adventures at the elders facility, throwing on spandex, the practice of using non-edible ingredients in school lunches, becoming a new person in less than a month, a failed effort to shoot lightning, more ridiculous aging issues from the 40-something set, mean children taking aim at Emily’s pooch, the futility of closing Google ads, thinking positively about ticks, a disastrous spelling challenge, the problem with trying to see God, plastic bike noise, the end of the hobo days, grappling with the concept of nature’s wrath, the freedom of saying stupid things, casting a generic safety net, defining a yawning problem, the comforting sound of the dishwasher, imagining a world without snacks, avoiding worn out nick names, what the dog brought to the school picnic, John’s childhood of forced farm labor, a lengthy review of the show’s sponsors and our feelings towards them, embracing germs as an immune booster, not loving other people’s children, gardening advice with a unique recommendation concerning goutweed, barn chores vs. flower gardening, a new solution for invasive plants including Pandas, misunderstanding the autonomy of Alaska and Puerto Rico, the rightness of coffee for certain personality types, going on the deep web with TORS - and so much more!

Featuring music from Vermont musicians & friends: Mark Struhsacker [Light in the Window]; Wagtail [One Clear Moment]; Julie James [Going Home]

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