Episode June 16, 2017

Co-hosts Kristina Stykos and Emily Howe along with her kids Eli and Ira discuss the day’s studio abnormalities, the comfort of night rain, the challenges of maintaining farm machinery, errant tractor parts & the old fixer, the timely arrival of draft horses, more on weed whacking with scissors and a bread knife, the mysterious location of West Barnet VT, counting round barns, why we say “banging a right”, the relationship between heading for the hills & cell phone reception, a rule-of-thumb involving guys in pickup trucks, sliding kids out of bed by the feet, revisiting one of Butch’s unique methods for dealing with sleepy children, avoiding browser tracking, the hazards of girly stuff like bobby pins and miniature umbrellas, homage to the oldest pair of Carhartts, John’s conversion to Arborwear pants, plotting work-arounds for the ten-day bridge repair project, late for fencing class again, the finer psychological points of pressing flowers, unpacking the orange Land Rover in the parking lot, the depressing saga of Smith & Hawken’s corporate takeover x2, being sandwiched between Ben and Jerry, getting familiar with the animals on your road, why one golden retriever is just like any other golden retriever, highlights from the last-day-of-school picnic, Vermont diversity thanks to costumes, a tradition of Conservation Camp, asking your adult children to follow you on Spotify, questioning the time and place for cancer jokes, distraction nation, being forced to claim yourself as yourself for commercial purposes, a person no matter how small, being the shortest in the class, a septic alarm debacle at the museum, wrecking the day, a choice of being beaten or neglected, sibling rivalry revisited, a tic-tac-toe losing streak - and so much more!

Featuring music from Vermont musicians & friends: Don’t Call Betty [Carbon Neutral]; Bow Thayer and the Holy Plow [Way of the Gun]; Kristina Stykos [Forgiveness].

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