Episode June 9, 2017

Co-hosts Kristina Stykos and Emily Howe discuss when babies cry and when they do not, the deeper meaning of retrograde, where mythology and astrology connect, the ridiculousness of a world on steroids, learning to cope with the first amendment, how to make a good segue, another event tent on the green, an overly elaborate salad description that goes on and on, taking the pepperoni out of vegetarianism, gravitating towards good habits, a tussle over cat throw-up, the host of baffling relationship issues that come along with using tech support, a nice but useless guy named Rhys, struggling to crack the login code when things aren’t working, unequal relationship dynamics at the restaurant, pretending to listen to “the specials”, new ideas for how to order food, fantasizing about self-serving at the automat on a rainy day, the ecstasies of metaphorical travel, dealing with rubber boots all the time, a sheep give-a-way, the how and whys of free roosters, whacking chicken meat, a new hipster butcher shop in Montpelier, a really hard spelling word, the pros and cons of adults not having to go to school, eschewing the deli counter at the supermarket, a unique gift certificate for falconry, midnight telemarketing calls from China, donkeys out again, trying to match-make Studly and Uncle Roger’s draft horse, single pets, whether to pick lice over bedbugs, when you can call something a mountain, confusion over the definition of a hill - and so much more!

Featuring music from Vermont musicians & friends: Jonathan Falby & Zac Johnson [Good Folks Behind You]; Kristina Stykos [Love the Distance]; Chris Kleeman & Malkum Gibson [Big City Rag].

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