Episode June 2, 2017

Co-hosts Kristina Stykos and Emily Howe discuss a failed photo op, feeling bad about looking like a pig, marginalizing other species, more on wearing costumes, turning the corner on aging, the wrong kind of compliment, losing our cuteness, the potential advantages of having your molars removed, crying until you choke, a tendency to put people in metaphorical closets, the new trend of weighted blankets, a look at paint thinner in children’s cereal, searching for one sane person among many Trump family members, monkey brains, how the world views not wearing socks, nostalgia for the old fashioned shoe store, some catch phrases to promote our show sponsors, the nuances of “calving”, free couches on Route 110, new furniture trends in Toronto, a dearth of hangovers, a timely visit from the pig farmers, a contemplation on our origins, tweaking the train emotion, bringing back the land bridges, a fantasy about driving to Europe and beyond, one person’s reason for snubbing the equator, “bury me in my Carhartts”, how astrology affects table manners, the challenges of transitioning from May to June, when summer warped time, decision-making in ticks, a comparison of fundraising websites, the vanishing middle class, the pros and cons of feeling excluded, playing it cool, loving the things that you make, a good kind of narcissism, experiencing rejection at the thrift store, the trouble with typing - and so much more!

Featuring music from Vermont musicians & friends: The Cousins Project [Jealous Girl]; Doug Perkins and Patrick Ross [Fiddle Tune Medley]; The Highwoods String Band [Roll on Buddy]

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