Episode July 14, 2017

Co-hosts Kristina Stykos and Emily Howe discuss la la la, zoning out, full utilization of the grocery list, sardines for cats, chipmunks in the shower stall, old people acting like young people, two reactions to the Burger King crown, the art of selecting your profile pic so that it won’t scare away women, an argument about clowns, the superior aesthetics of miming, a return to our worst syntax habits, further analysis of John’s phone tics, nostalgia for the way things never were, a clarification around the word “master”, what mom found in the bottom drawer, an epic marble scramble, debunking piñata mania, the full story on plum pudding, baby cake and other cake-themed information, how to strike up unlikely friendships with telemarketers, Randy’s life-changing bike ride, what else might reroute your entire life, how the out-of-town neighbors have been introducing Emily to hard liquor, what might be wrong with thinking you’re funny, eating brie standing up, when being busy turns into an unhealthy obsession, discovering the hazards of sleeping in a new clubhouse, why rain gets us off the hook, odd ambiguity around the bridge outage, what not to say to France’s first lady, lack of discipline around sexual projection, the backwards way we look at rape, a hypothetical about the love train, Kristina’s ultimate answer for all queries regarding her musical inspirations, a gift for the shop crew that fell flat, reviewing magazine subscriptions, an atypical Harvard grad, a familial connection to olive oil, Eli’s crush on the French girl in the movie about the chimpanzee scientist, dealing with an upside box of cereal - and so much more!

Featuring music from Vermont musicians & friends: Scott Campbell [Nancy in the Mud Bog]; Bow Thayer and the Perfect Trainwreck [Got My Attention]; Susannah Blachly [All the Colors].

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