Episode July 21, 2017

Co-hosts Kristina Stykos and Emily Howe discuss a short-lived entanglement, a middle-aged woman’s waning cuteness, the nuances of falling in ditches, mowing down flowers, the Zen of using scissors on lawn grass, porcupine data points, a possible woodchuck reincarnation event, opening up to the new moon in Leo, when fantasy turns into delusion, projecting onto external objects, seeing the same familiar face again and again, acting “as if”, the relationship between boredom and yawning, calling out the Vermont Agency of Transportation, bridge-repair-frustration as a way of life, the tragic effect of summer road construction on cremee purchases, powdered plastic stuff passed off as food, the continuing saga of hard-to-find tractor parts, why farming is harder than it should be, the truth about who changes light bulbs at Walmart, deconstructing the word “phubbing”, eating dinner sans devices, hankering to be home, moving lumber in a station wagon, mistaking a tint for a color, a movie about the hidden life of protein and other personified chemicals, how human happiness may be tied to gumball machines, an unusual door stop, the ongoing mystery of Butch sneaking things onto airplanes, paranoid plans for flying far in the future, making enough money to take time off, a marriage proposal on the Baltic Sea, how dementia might change your gender orientation, an unfunny case of sexual assault on Grandpa, busting churches for their lack of originality, map dowsing for fun and relaxation, looking for Killington’s town center, locating a baptismal font without GPS, putting the “whine” back in winery, losing your cumberment - and so much more!

Featuring music from Vermont musicians & friends: Will Patton [Bebop in Pastel]; Robert Resnik [Whistle Set]; Spencer Lewis [Change Is].

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