Episode July 28, 2017

Host Kristina Stykos and guest co-host Libby Kirkpatrick discuss Prince Edward in a can, not having a plan, conversation as a dying art, names that don’t roll off the tongue, eyes like pools, the intricacies of yawning, discovering coffee as an adult, getting more respect for doing nothing, things that were enjoyable, how to get to know somebody you already know, news from inside the raspberry patch, letting go of your lunch, breaking down flat-picking patterns in three, a hankering to play at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, possible causes for on-stage panic, disorders with the vocal cords, more on manifesting life force into physical form, wrestling with a very public disability, coping with famous parents, having a mid-life crisis in front of an audience, dancing with ghosts, the non-solution of playing louder in order to hear yourself, pretending to have fun, the self-centered singer-songwriter phenomenon, having children as a way to subvert your career goals, normal guys wearing a collar, recognizing destiny, further poetic musings on the cathartic train whistle sound, what a tolling bell really is, Tony Furtado’s softened world view, how bird calls relate to time travel, the fall crow call and other unmitigated harbingers of truth, a world-wide cranial sacral shout out, the importance of self regulation, recalibrating the practice of feeling love, cranking the door open from a closed position, contemplating a day without dreams, rusty windows and favorite lubricants, the dark doo-doo, taking the time to navel gaze - and so much more!

Featuring music from Vermont musicians & friends: Libby Kirkpatrick [Goodbye Venus; Vaulted Heart; Wake Me Up]

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