Episode Aug 4, 2017

Co-hosts Kristina Stykos and Emily Howe discuss electric fans, layering tee shirts, white starchy aprons, a self-inflicted dearth of plumbers, looking forward to John’s gubernatorial run, a huge cabbage, condoms, cat food and fearing the judgment of cashiers, Kendra’s twist on Pig Latin, going whole hog with “totes”, homage to saying Bloody Mary 3x in the mirror at midnight, repeating a word until it becomes meaningless, the perils of calling someone “Durwood”, Kristina’s hang with hipsters, girth in its many forms, preempting your 40th birthday, how to maintain your standing as an optimist when crummy things keep happening, more details on the tractor repair, another Subaru transmission fail, breaking down in West Hartford, hating cars, the fine print behind Emily’s unlucky star, whining as a way of life, the inordinate knowledge base of large families, verbal bulldozering, mowing over apple branches, yelling for your partner, picking the color of your port-o-let, discovering “the magic hotel”, a musical instrument spelling challenge, shacking up with Sweden’s premier nyckelharpa player, true confessions of the letter “x”, a new use for the library book deposit box, the hows and whys of stealing gardening tools, a bad word band name, rockin’ the roadhouse, getting good at stuff, searching for the lost thrift store curtain, the ins and outs of dating a banjo player, Bow’s trip to Alaska, a band named Cabinet, alone-in-the-wilderness syndrome, a terrifying June bug, a make-shift toad enclosure, the demise of a red eft, healing your life with affirmations, shoe glue - and so much more!

Featuring music from Vermont musicians & friends: Nick Cowles [Sensitive New Age Redneck]; Lizzy Mandell [The Old House]; Brian Clark [The Lake]

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