Episode Aug 11, 2017

Co-hosts Kristina Stykos and Emily Howe discuss catching hell, half the world on either side of a hoo-ha, starting a car with a push button, the fitbit on-or-off argument revisited, what to do if what you feel doesn’t match the statistics telling you how you should feel, a funny bone moment, gender-free planets, a few Mark Twain truisms, the untimely loss of a fingernail, a pledge of protection, an antiquated first aid kit, two views on the final moments of a baby bird, custom ordering large inflatable objects, the lost bull fighter’s hat, how to elongate a museum tour, an embarrassing hinge size, the stability of calendars, a plethora of grease collectives, remembering what people look like, Julian’s quest to find the optimal used transmission, altered honking habits, celebrating driveways, “destination mailbox”, checking out a giant skunk hole, the butternut tree in the cellar hole, toughening up your bare feet, sucking the moisture out of “potato hands”, applause for sister photographers, longing for summer barn dances & a fantasy version of the old Dreamland dance barn of Tunbridge, debunking various myths about falling in love, attraction as karma, looking for the right words, recognizing things that belong to you, divine intervention at the model airplane show, avoiding sad animal movies, being happy about banjos again, confusion brought on by the philosophy of live it – love it, an unfortunate fashionista misstep, Emily’s experiment with corn rows, the biggest form of flattery - and so much more!

Featuring music from Vermont musicians & friends: Rick Ceballos [Les Quatres Branles]; Chris Kleeman and Malcolm Gibson [Magnet to Steel]; Bow Thayer and the Holy Plow [Way of the Gun]

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