Episode Aug 18, 2017

Co-hosts Kristina Stykos and Emily Howe discuss piercing babies’ ears, deleting personal information, hidden hair, why god made beds, adding a B to itchiness as needed, protecting your pets from the solar eclipse, bulk ordering glasses from NASA, a long term plan for enlightenment that cuts it close, a missed opportunity to harvest venereal diseases, the upside of snorting, early-onset vegetarianism, shaking some sense into trees, coping with your child’s wretchedness, lunch packing strategies, a breakdown on what constitutes a really bad grilled cheese sandwich, unpacking the signature smell of used clothing, permission to like who we like, slowing yourself down with bicycles, the annoyance of overly formal language, firing your sales rep, another go-round with Kendra’s name game, a manure-spraying incident, humorous displays of anger, early acts of revenge perpetrated by good children, the biological roots of selfishness, debunking good parenting, the burgeoning fall apple crop, shocking behavior from senior citizens in a blueberry patch, flower picking with toddlers, an argument about wildflowers, an unconventional & controversial use for marshmallows, a long list of thank yous including one to Bob for bringing cash, inadequate picnic table maintenance & subsequent emergency first aid, avoiding generic sofas, sending baby clothes to Italy, butchering foreign pronunciations, pouring your heart out in a six minute song, going from one thing to the next & other problematic segues, dry kindling - and so much more!

Featuring music from Vermont musicians & friends: Hunter Paye [Cloud Cover]; Nick Cowles [Stubborn Fool]; Hot Flannel [Workin’ On a Building]

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