Episode Aug 25, 2017

Co-hosts Kristina Stykos and Emily Howe discuss giving yourself a black eye, how a piece of hair can bring enlightenment, when our computers die, the job scramble, close encounters with sharks, a recommendation about car trunk protocol, more on bad cats, traveling with your mother-in-law in a small car, whether or not to be concerned when you start wearing sweat pants all the time, Kristina’s cool patina, pulling off a look, local store interaction phobia, an early morning trip to vegetable paradise, bonding over the repugnant odors of 14 year old boys, embracing a bad diet, party avoidance as a way of life, the indignities of being a drummer and/or a mom, an unusual song prompt, the lyrical power of a famous missing member, explaining the alteration of anatomy using diagrams, common-sense disparagement of leaf blowers, the hopes, dreams & aspirations of lawn mowers, watching freight cars go by, something pink that came in the mail, an underwhelming once-in-a-lifetime eclipse, a patriotic misnomer, the genesis of Emily’s pear-shaped face, getting on board with another time period, shopping for leather clothes, splatter pants, unnecessary meetings and the perils of advocating for yourself, why emails keep writing alive, being nice but irritating in-person, the question of whether narcissists can change how they are, the futility of trying to fix a crazy person, marriages of convenience, where not to grow, technical obstacles to being fully functional on social media, an argument about the secret space stations on the moon, being kind of interested in something - and so much more!

Featuring music from Vermont musicians & friends: Carl Goulet [Greenville Trestle; Jesus, Me and Whiskey; Prisoner of Conscience]

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