Episode Jan 26, 2018

In this episode co-hosts Kristina Stykos and Emily Howe discuss hormones & happiness, “Is there life after I.U.D. removal?”, the indignities of blood work, hanging out with baby sloths, lard as skin cream, what happened to your peanut butter jar, John’s elevation to savior status, sobbing uncontrollably, the Adam & Eve effect, Emily as receptacle of domestic knowledge, the history of “me”, remembering that it is that beautiful, ditching your band, a proposal to improve the federal tax system via check boxes, a sad commentary on those who unknowingly fight for the agendas of rich, privileged people, why it shouldn’t be so hard to be nice, sounding terrible until you sound good, natural censorship between parents & children, Kristina’s mother & the skinny-dipping incident, age limits for going naked, the horrors of listening to ourselves talk to our pets, a contemplation on the smell of canned cat food, dealing with turd creation more efficiently, tips on how to pluck a ruffed grouse, a questionable online purchase, making sure people who die actually go, a quick analysis of Todd’s overalls, the inside scoop on hardanger fiddles & nyckelharpas, an elementary school Iron Chef, picking a favorite planet, straightening out astrology, being stumped by poinsettias, a practical look at Armageddon, the hows and whys of the insert button in Microsoft word, pondering wild dogs, continuing adventures on Myra’s driveway - and so much more!

Featuring music from Vermont musicians & friends: David Carpenter [Pay De Haut/Gal With A Blue Dress/Pointe Au Pic]; Mark LeGrand & Sarah Munro [Double Wide]; Nolan McKelvey [Starry Eyed and Blue].

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