Episode Feb 2, 2018

In this episode co-hosts Kristina Stykos and Emily Howe discuss sexy voices, why we shouldn’t whisper, talking to sheep, how to name things, arbitrary use of the word “up”, a shout out to watersheds, a very special sweet potato farm, legacy bookmarks, an amazing eclipse day, erratic mice, how to destroy you teeth with lemons & rocks, a joke for the dentist, Emily’s depth perception issues, cotton brain, the persecution of ground hogs on Ground Hog day, unscrewing your emotional faucet, a huge lunchtime disappointment, what to do when there is sand in your food, a couple nice endings, Dave’s tear-jerker message to Kristina, taking Saturn seriously, liberal attitudes towards grocery shopping, making the most of food, children who don’t eat, human barbie dolls, the synchronicity of muzak, the wrong way to think about losing weight due to sickness, getting to the gig and realizing you have forgotten your instruments, looking cool onstage, witnessing the spectacle of Butch roller skating in his long johns, defining the stereo-typical roller derby female, the good fortunes of a laughing father, growing up sort of deranged, analyzing a strange, complex compliment, separating the growth out of the opinion, the impact of being referred to as “ugly”, long standing effects of being bullied in high school, weathering the years with a cute sister, a mystery call from Butler, PA - and so much more!  

Featuring music from Vermont musicians & friends: Val McCallum [Deal With It]; Rick Ceballos [Home with the Girls in the Morning/Tamlin/Home Ruler]; Carl Goulet [Prisoner of Conscience]. 

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