Episode Feb 9, 2018

In this episode co-hosts Kristina Stykos and Emily Howe discuss getting used to new software, hats with ears, whispering into a microphone, more on the Howe family rope tow, the difference between grips and riggers, a complex situation concerning cough drops, confusion about the plant “horehound”, the useless efficacy of alternate cuss words, Emily’s condescending views on Kristina’s not eating eggs, a breakdown on rolled oats, instant oats and steel cut oats, an ass-saving shout-out, an argument for informed vaccination choice, a chicken pox party, sporting the Steve Bannon look, a beautiful bridge, joining the texting nation, a bi-coastal songwriting exercise, remembering a star-studded dinner with Pelligrino water, queen-for-a-dinner, a wine tasting women’s retreat, questions about spitting, making good use of the gaps in your teeth, the importance of consonants, an epic bad set of Scrabble letters, smug winners, the new feminist erotica, National Pizza Week, Grandpa’s views on teenagers and pornography, acting out learned aggression, the shame of physical pleasure, uncovering the real Michael Jackson, living off your credit card, being unable to make ends meet, an unexpected encounter with an upside down bucket of feed grain, a mantra for winter depression, the unintended psychological benefits of bad weather, the infectious joy of a true snow day, pre-dawn farm chores, hoping for a house lamb, potty training farm animals, Kendra’s worries about self abuse, tough love vs. gentle encouragement, running on empty - and so much more!

Featuring music from Vermont musicians & friends: Ariel Zevon [Je Maintiendrai]; Grayson [Giving Up On Giving Up]; Nick Cowles [Dark Door of Loneliness].

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