Episode Mar 9, 2018

In this episode co-hosts Kristina Stykos and Emily Howe discuss a jester’s hat, lack of search engine visibility, makeshift javelins and a broomstick incident, the hows and whys of volunteering for a job at the Fire Department, a small nose fracture, going for a deeper answer to the question: “how are you?”, tricks for writing about things that aren’t interesting, parsing the difference between sharing and manipulating, a long-standing eyebrow dilemma, a revelation about electrolysis, engaging in frivolous research, discovering online karaoke, hidden singing, a word created by Frank Mankiewicz, the truth behind rainmakers, getting disciplined for inappropriate Youtube Superchat behavior, the old fashioned telephone request line, an unexpected visit from Duff, an early suburban neighborhood in small town Vermont, a nymph with a snow bodice, clarifying the price of organic avocados, the problem with fruit in paper bags, an astrological solution to kitchen disorganization, the futile longing to switch town meetings, nurturing the Electrolux connection, a reflection on plastic and Teflon, whether or not snow has gotten slipperier and why, more on the great maple syrup heist, a hanging offense, neutral attention without judgment as a way of healing trauma, the fear of talking about nightmares - and so much more!

Featuring music from Vermont musicians & friends: Turnip Truck [The Devil Ain’t Lazy]; The Stephen Wentworth Band [Cold at Night]; Keith Murphy [Clamanda].

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