Episode Mar 2, 2018

In this episode co-hosts Kristina Stykos and Emily Howe discuss coming down off the hill in first gear, skiing with unhappy, whiney kids, doing cool things when no one’s looking, a life of journaling, dealing with short attention spans, snubbing the road crew, an update on the four boxes of cookies, making a huge mistake with cow colostrum, a new kind of abusive relationship, boys who think they need jacked-up trucks, a lost wallet in Hawaii, an almost forgotten tale of spilled milk, Butch’s enlightened idea for beverage-less meals, the staying power of cheese, several alternate names for the full moon, surprising misinformation about birds, a squirrel with a puppy-dog face, corn cob ferris wheels, getting paid for being yourself, a world without money, a new app that creates a profound effect, sending smells over the internet, the power of sound to motivate, how some people stumble into their profession, the deeper meaning of being a quitter, being fast on your toes, an ill-fated search for a florist, confusing the Legare and Lepage farms, where John buys his Tupperware, the plastic flowers dilemma, the nuances of taking stickers off your fruit, seller’s remorse, a mud season taxi service, ongoing repercussions of low self esteem, more on sleeping with sheep, a meditation on concealed death at the nursing home, on-tour with lambs, a timely poem about coltsfoot, the difficulty of describing flowers, savoring the smell of pine sap, taking another look at time travel, the science of coercion, apparent diminishing mentality amongst fellow-citizens - and so much more!

Featuring music from Vermont musicians & friends: Ariel Zevon [Holy Planet]; Breath of the Devil [Bellatrix]; South of the Chelsea Line [The Cousins Project].

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