Episode Jun 15, 2018

In this episode co-hosts Kristina Stykos and Emily Howe discuss summer fires, seven hours of mowing, men & wedding readiness, more inappropriate remarks at the museum, a new variation on poop from little Joseph, wielding the power of bad words, the incongruity of a Snapple banner, mini-dumpsters, not recognizing people, the bad energy of chain link enclosures, aesthetic solutions to fencing, judging people by the color of their truck, the aura of the unmarked police car, unpacking the “mystery driveway” game, how the four directions upset Emily, a redesign for compasses, making peonies live longer, confusion concerning the word “promulgate”, the catch-22 of used car ownership, applying crystal consciousness to vehicle repair, when is “too much” loyalty, another back road mistake, the sad state of one particular Christmas tree farm, multi-national corporate control of Gazetteers, relaxing on the couch with maps, a revelation about the Old Tunbridge Road, imagining a Barbie Tarot, confusing gypsy garb with German dirdls, what is wrong with today’s coat hangers, what to use to reattach mufflers, how his unreliable car put John in a bind, emergency tick removal, an update on Tom’s (not his real name) waving episode, social engineering & profiteering, a shout out to nice fathers, the unfairness & thankless aspects of step-parenting, lack of legal rights after divorce, inequities that plague family court, being beaten down by the system as personal growth, a bird nest in the rose bush, grumpy cashiers - and so much more!

Featuring music from Vermont musicians & friends: Kristina Stykos [Dirt is the Color]; Steve Mayone [What Good]; Will Patton [Cheesecake].

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