Episode Jun 22, 2018

In this episode co-hosts Kristina Stykos and Emily Howe discuss dickering, the last known location of Brocklebank Brewery, more mystery driveways, a snapped brake line, the continuing saga of excessive car repair, why it’s hard to move, trying not to worry, how the family dogs came to be pepper-sprayed, an ice cream for Brock the mastiff, a disparaging closer look at Milk Bones, impaired breathing with mosquito netting head gear, a new use for cat blood, the difference between Danny & Dave, driving mice, more fantasies about the Pierre Motel, mice who eat soap, a safe place for pigs, the moral dilemma presented by animal crackers, hating on ginger bread men, lies about Winnie the Pooh, plans to curb John’s book-saving, a nebulous nebula, the invisible flutist revealed, disagreements between birds, what happened to the boy whose salon styled dreadlocks set Emily’s heart on fire, how what goes around came around to the criminal prosecutor, being perplexed as to the status of your virginity, which is worse clowns or a clown car, questioning slapstick, loving on Buster Keaton, 50s houses with bars, childhood memories of the basement, the perils of writing a long letter, psychic rapport between radio co-hosts, losing and forgetting stuff, trying to get to Peacham bog (again), naming places after the devil, passive-aggressive park rangers, fear of missing lady slipper season, rain as a napping aid, one fantastic wedding rap - and so much more!

Featuring music from Vermont musicians & friends: Brown Trout and the Lunkers with Davey Davis and Rick Davis [Walleye Alley]; Rick Ceballos [Garden Lullaby]; Patrick Ross and Aaron Johnson [Flintlock].

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