Episode Aug 10, 2018

This special edition features “best of” moments from the first season of 11th Hour Radio (2014) in which co-hosts Kristina Stykos and Emily Howe discuss repeated sightings of the Schwan’s truck, the perils of substitute teaching math when you’ve forgotten most of it, getting satisfaction from peg boards, gratitude for algebraic letters, an unfortunate meeting of delicate craftsmanship & clumsy stage hands, realizing that it is all your fault, the futility of getting upset in front of other people, releasing frustration constructively, a trick involving potatoes, a mysterious dearth of warts, confusion about “Preparation H”, a justification for advertising that falls on deaf ears, the ins and outs of conscious uncoupling, stubble vs. leg hair, securing vino via vending machine, frou frou wine bars, how to deal with insufferable chit chat, trying to get your brother’s attention, what to do with the swearing impulse, swimming in ignorance, an argument about the color beige, the puzzle of suppressed anger, a change of heart from a very grouchy nursing home resident, dancing with dreadlocks, being so mad you can’t sleep, the agony of being stone-walled, fate taking care of things, creative collaboration as therapy, the odd premise of the squashed fairies book, appreciating your landscaper, the dangers of kissing anyone in a public school, the exhaustion of trauma, secrets for repelling plaque with an ionizing toothbrush, deadheading pansies - and so much more!

Featuring music from Vermont musicians & friends: Paul Asbell [Blue Driver]; Mark Struhsacker [Evening]; Lizzy Mandel [This Old House].

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