Episode Aug 3, 2018

This special edition features “best of” moments from the first season of 11th Hour Radio (2013-14) in which co-hosts Kristina Stykos and Emily Howe discuss a surplus of spittle, how laziness led to the creation of the show, the influence of third graders on adult vocabulary, a mix-up concerning the Statue of Liberty, whether or not bees have organs, a failed attempt to imagine time travel, guerilla word shortening, “Bossy Johnson” syndrome, drooling as a weapon, tickling as torture, using your sisters as subjects for cruel experiments, things to do with buckets, ropes and pulleys, lonely children who befriend trees, the awful truth about being in a hurry at the grocery store, living with purpose, feeling more attractive sans mirrors, the world in a hundred years, Emily’s bizarre alternative to beat boxing, being the only one in your family who doesn’t play an instrument, blowing on your fingernails, more on mammals giving birth, more on Jen giving birth, going elbow deep in placenta, the cross-dressing farmers we know, overhearing phone therapy on the party line, prank calls from celebrities, post-traumatic phone harassment disorder, struggling to tell time from a clock with hands, faking the numbers at town meeting, strange doings at Santa’s land, a contaminated motel, unpacking the term: “trailer trash”, a scientific explanation for the magical properties of Icelandic spar, a possible escape to join Pussy Riot, new uses for the toilet paper tube, twerking at the nursing home - and so much more!

Featuring music from Vermont musicians & friends: Kristina Stykos [Jeffrey Lee]; Doug Perkins [Three Little Jigs]; The Cousins Project with Steve Mayone [Safe Passage].

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