Episode Mar 15, 2019

In this episode co-hosts Kristina Stykos and Emily Howe discuss how to choose a good rubber boot, nostalgia for orthopedic shoes, cement blocks in the back of your truck, ski lift disasters, bad exit ramps, climbing hills on skins, gender switching Eagles lyrics for fun, a morbid fascination with celebrities who have aged out of their attractive period, sexist rules regarding who you can have a crush on, when to remove your long johns, the So Ro pay phone, how to find cell tower & antennae locations, running between gigs on St. Patty’s Day, sweeping perverts out of the church, corruption of our religious institutions, dog breeding gone awry, being served a mixed drink by John, how we didn’t get drunk, flagrant misuse of car windows, the down side of taking lambs to nursing homes, remembering Andy the runt, a video about Craft Night, sheep too big for car transport, debunking the term “well done”, how the sauerkraut jar upset Emily, an unexpected word to describe pathological over-talking, why hipsters don’t speak Latin, binge-watching Jonna Jinton, a philosophical musing on head size, being well put together as precursor to getting more stuff in life, the mathematical underpinnings of symmetry, the physical beauty of Tibetan nomads, water buffalo cheese gone missing, a tip for making foam volcanoes, a confession about super powers, the confusion of being psychic half the time, historical dowsing in the state of Vermont, misconstruing prayer, conversing with a façade, fantasizing about a snuggly Pope, how dressing like a leprechaun can get you in places for free, Butch’s homemade elevator - and so much more!

Featuring music from Vermont musicians & friends: Mark Struhsacker [End of the Line]; Willa Mamet and Paul Miller [Louisiana]; Linda Warnaar [Shambala Warrior].

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