Episode Mar 8, 2019

In this episode co-hosts Kristina Stykos and Emily Howe discuss a pink outfit, the confusing story of Grammy Sammy, a mental health day for Eli, hidden squeaking, how phone-phobic DJs might run an on-air telethon, whether or not Rob makes dairy products, farmers in the grocery store, Liam’s moment of triumph, easy note-taking at town meeting, Cabot’s expansion into dog treats, the hidden life of a powdered cheese by-product, synthetic food spray for crackers, persistent myths & truths regarding monosodium glutamate, that strange, scary red color in some Chinese food, being led astray by appealing food, a question about the gender of trains, a mysterious disappearance at the Barnard Store, the energy of profanity, a plan for button making, the best car repairs, a text message about Lenny Kravitz, more on William Shatner’s singing prowess, when banjos arrive, a case of mistaken identity, the dark side of being a bridesmaid, a lost wedding that was not well documented, more insulting innuendos aimed at Emily’s Prius, a sheep hauling argument, northern ignorance of tropical fruits, the anomaly of a Mexican winter squash, how to secure free admission to the WFVR party, getting roped into the civic club’s variety show again, a von Trapp family comparison, remembering the lady in a wig who yodeled, a refresher on puppets, a long-term yet troubled relationship to Pee-Wee Herman in marionette form, how to quickly cultivate your “nouveau riche” - and so much more!

Featuring music from Vermont musicians & friends: Nick Cowles [The Truck Song]; Davey Davis [Mode for Love]; Bellatrix [Breath of the Devil].

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