Episode Mar 1, 2019

In this episode co-hosts Kristina Stykos and Emily Howe discuss correcting the “like” habit, the sister bubble, an impending fundraiser, a tale of two barns, the stupidest kind of junk mail, wild swerving, plastic solar highways, a fond goodbye to macadam, the ins & outs of micro-blading eyebrows, problematic lips, the dangers of joy, a confusing vocabulary word, the open kitchen rule, faulty refrigerator organization, a very sad bunch of celery, Emily’s Fire Department responsibilities gone awry, the strange contradiction of “Warnings”, Matt’s goofy trick with a water bottle, the inconclusive nature of half a sentence, letting go of micro-management, all the things we could do, the relief of cancellations, whiskey as breakfast food, gratitude for Lisa, a failed interaction at Will’s Store, a slow week for human interaction, cribbing for those awkward social moments, weird hot dogs, trouble with raisins, how talking to cats may come back to haunt you, imagining a poet president, being under surveillance in the bathroom, talking smack about others, a submersion into lamb guts, dealing with farmyard deaths, when cats create hierarchies, horse stall fantasies, the sound of animals chewing as sleep aid, the PEZ Easter egg hunt disaster, the Russian polar bear invasion, a clarification about shark infested waters, current relevance of the word “churlish”, trending words at Merriam-Webster, when a brat is a brat, why you aren’t yourself, how fear runs the planet, how it feels to be lied to, putting truth back on its pedestal - and so much more!

Featuring music from Vermont musicians & friends: Doug Anderson [River of Whiskey]; Smoking Grass [Opus #1]; Ariel Zevon [Je Maintiendrai].

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